4 Benefits of Using Self-Liquidating Offers in Your MLM-Network Marketing Business

In recent months the use of SLO’s in network marking is being revealed as one of the top tools used by some of the biggest online MLM/Network marketers around. Many of us have been funneled through an online marketing/sales site that employs the use of SLO’s without even knowing it.

What Is A SLO?

An SLO or Self-Liquidating-Offer is a low cost high-volume retail product sold as a how to product in most cases, that will fund the marketers advertising and provide them with an endless number of leads for future business offers.

Here are 4 of the many benefits of using a SLO to market your business:

Depending on the content of your SLO, you can position yourself as an expert in your field. You can provide value at a very low cost, and not be viewed as a peddler of just another MLM opportunity.

(Read carefully here) You are able to get your fragile new reps into almost immediate positive cash flow with your low-priced fast selling SLO. This will create momentum for them and drastically reduce business failures.

Sponsoring an existing customer is much easier than sponsoring a stranger. You will have taken the time to build trust and show them that you provide real value in everything you do; therefore they will be more open to your main opportunity.

Last but certainly not least; your fast selling SLO increases your cash flow right away! Taking your advertising cost down to $0 and you will in all probability make a good profit from just the sale of your SLO. This is a big deal considering the fact the over 95% of your leads will NEVER join your main MLM/Network Marketing business.

Let The Old School Go; Build Your MLM/Network Marketing Business The New Way:

I hope this article peaks your interest and propels you into action. I will never go back to the hard work of old school network marketing. In my first few weeks of using the latest techniques, I was able to accomplish more in the way of leads and sponsoring than I had in years of the old way.

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