Avoid Long Queues in Your Pharma Shop With Billing Automation

Pharmaceutical shops! The name automatically flashes an image on our head where a huge crowd is hustling on one side to get their medicines and a few chemists struggling on the other side to find their things from huge piles of medicines stacked up in the racks. Forget about finding the right medicines! Manually billing items for each customer make tasks more difficult for them. Further, they have a lot of things to take care of, like setting boundaries for stocks that are close to expiry, set indications for different categories, incorporating discounts on bills, providing wholesale deliveries for hospitals and clinics. All these propel the need for computerised systems in the chemist shops to help the pharmacists at least in the billing part. With fast and automated billing, they could get ample of time and feel relaxed while handling all the other vital tasks.

Here, take a look at the features included in an ERP software specific for chemists shops and know how it can help in easy and fast handling of billing and payments.

#1 Billing

The first feature included in an ERP for pharmacists is its comprehensive billing module that helps staff to keep quickly generate bills or receipts with automated entries of names, prices, discounts. This eventually reduces the time taken at the billing counter for each customer and help to get rid of long queues. Some of the billing features are:

  • Price list, Discounts & Multi-rate
  • Cash or Credit or Split Invoices & Challans
  • Sales returns/refunds & replacements on Bills
  • Party-wise/Category-wise prices, discount rates & schemes
  • Negative stock billing
  • Auto-calculation of taxes, and other levies

#2 Document Printing

No doubt, a compact ERP for medical shops comes with quick document printing feature to help pharmacists as well as customers to keep records of their transactions. Some of the features included in document printing are:

  • Accounts vouchers and Cheque printing
  • Sales & purchase orders
  • Sales & purchase invoices/estimate challans
  • Bank pays in Slip or TDS
  • Stock Transfer Memo
  • Notes for deliveries, goods receipt and dispatch summary

#3 Advanced accounting

With an ERP, chemists get easy on your accounting system with accurate and all-inclusive financial reports. Further, they get easy access to bank summary, cash summary, Credit/debit card & voucher receipts, amounts supplier outstanding etc. Features included in accounting are:

  • Filing of VAT, e-returns
  • Balance Sheet & Configurable A/C statement
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Interest Calculation & Bank reconciliation
  • Multi-ledger/ Voucher and Debit/Credit note printing
  • IT/ST Auditor reports

#4 Taxation reports and Tax registers

Chemists can maintain elaborative tax reports and registers with ERP. It helps them to keep track of the exact amount of Sales tax levies, taxes withholding payment, etc. and thus prevent any miscalculation/manipulation in billing the total amount. Features included under this are:

  • Sales Tax & Purchase Tax summary
  • Tax account registers
  • Sales Tax forms for Receivables or Issuable & Reminders
  • Checklist

No doubt, chemist shops these days can have easy billing and transactions with these inherent features of ERP with customers not having to wait for longer. Moreover, owners of the medical shops or pharmacists get other facilities with a complete ERP solution that aid in the seamless management of sales, like Stocks, Accounts & 1000’s MIS, Expiry reminders, SMS/Email/Excel, prescription management, cashier and home delivery, touch and barcode scanner.