Favourite Solid Perfume Balms Are Trendy With Benefits

Now, when it comes to perfumes, you can find a choice between solid, liquid and oil-based fragrances. Solid perfume balms are now trendy in the market. These aromas are in fashion now and have caught the fancy of modern generation. If you are feeling burned out or feeling exhausted in a sunny summer afternoon, then get ready to wear some amazing fragrances.

How to use

Aromatic salves are the solid perfumes which ooze out amazing fragrances when they are gently massaged into your body. These aromas are mainly rubbed into the pulses of your body, like the elbow and below the ears. While they rubbed into your skin, the salve is absorbed creating an aromatic and therapeutic effect on your soul, body and mind. The divine fragrance will help to relax your from your stress.


These aromas have created the wave in the market as the online and offline stores now are bombarded with such new stock of aromas. These are easy to carry for any party or office as they are handy for the handbags. Also, due to their nature, they promise not to leak or spill. These aromas are different from liquid sprays and come with a lot of benefits. There is no threat of evaporation and can fit into any sized bag.

A nice gift

If you are looking to gift something appealing to your girl on her birthday then what else can be a better option that this? These aromas are available in a range of fragrances and flavours. The best part of gifting this is that these aromas come in a range of fragrances to suit your personality. So, you can choose one according to your girl’s mood and choice.

These aromas are mainly available as lip tube, lip pot, old vintage jar, medicine key rungs, etc. For gift, choose the one which can be mood-uplifting and made up of completely organic ingredients. The best ones will be made of essential oils of herbs and flowers which are concocted to suit the personality traits of every individual.

DIY recipe

There are great recipes to blend these aromas. Spoonfuls of essential and fragrant oils (lavender jasmine and sandalwood are the popular ones) are mixed in a bowl and set aside. Next, they are blended with grated beeswax (found at health stores) over heat and stirred well. Remove the heat and continue stirring. While the wax and oils are concocted, they are poured carefully into small tins, jars and cases which are generally round in shape. These are allowed to cool. The recipe is so easy and takes so less time, that you can try making one yourself for your loved one.

If you lack of time, then grab a container from any leading online store. If you want to get the best quality balm you need to place the order on some branded store. Do a little survey to find the best online store and avail good discount.