Toys Like Elmo Live Dolls – Educational Value VS Entertainment Value

It’s OK to buy toys with only entertainment value. However; If you have a some extra money, and can afford to spoil your child on a special occasion, why not. It’s a great idea to expose your child to a variety of toys with educational value.

Many manufactures have come up with a wide variety of innovative and educational toys for children. All parents are aware that all aspects of a child needs to be developed. For instance, your child needs to develop problem solving, fine motor and creative thinking skills, to name a few. It is advisable to take steps and spend some time on all areas because that’s what your child needs.

For example Fisher Price’s Elmo Live Doll was not always the most popular characters in Sesame Street in fact he was a bit character to begin with back in 1971, however; Children have grown to love him and he has grown in popularity with those children so toy makers have gone out of their way to take advantage of this healthy relationship. The bonus for you as a parent is that Elmo Live Doll in this instance is not only an entertaining toy but it’s a great learning tool.

Fisher-Price’s Elmo Live Doll can talk and sing and tell stories which promote listening skills. He can wave his arms, sit, stand, cross his legs, throw his head back, tell jokes all things your child can imitate and repeat to friends and family thus promoting social skills. On top off all that Elmo Live dolls can play games that encourage your child to interact. Elmo Live Doll possesses some very realistic mannerisms, such as opening and closing his mouth while he speaks, he can bob his head, and your child will find him a great delight. You can activate Elmo by pressing his tummy, back, foot or nose and each activation point causes a different response.

I can’t imagine a young child not enjoying having an Elmo Live Doll. The only reason for not getting one really is whether you can afford to buy one at this time. A good way to find out is by showing your children a video of Elmo Live and decide whether to buy Elmo Live based on their response. Personally, I bought this toy which I expect will blow my little one away, and if I have to, cut back a little on myself so be it.

There appears to be many satisfied customer giving rave reviews about Elmo Live Dolls. They all agree that Elmo Live has much more to offer due to its impressive life like quality and advanced robotic programming. I’ve noticed that many adults are getting just as excited about these Elmo Live Dolls as the children are!

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