What is a “Lingerista?”

The term “lingerista” was coined by my husband when he laughingly claimed it, commenting on my itsy-bitsy obsession around lingerie. As a surprising final result to him, I welcomed the phrase and now use it routinely. To us, lingerie is to Lingerista as manner is to Fashionista. If we go on that assumption, then by making use of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition of “fashionista,” a lingerista is “a designer, promoter, or follower of the most current” lingerie. A true lingerista is much more than that!

In a legitimate perception of the word, she is another person who embraces lingerie and the working experience of sporting it. She slips on what makes her comfortable and self-assured, selecting and deciding on kinds to make them her personal. Most of all, she is aware of that her exceptional character and overall body form significantly have an impact on what lingerie she adorns, and she chooses parts accordingly.

As a outcome, she has an extra air of self-confidence, aided by the supple silk and satin close to her pores and skin. It isn’t going to issue if the intention to have on the undergarments is for a further human being or herself. What is most important is that she is familiar with and is informed of how it makes her really feel.

Anybody can be a lingerista. The only exception is a granny panty lover. She may have a temper boosting expertise with her potato sack panties, but the suit and type absolve her from becoming a single. For this reason, it is really my private mission to rid the earth of granny panties wearers and convert them to praisers of priceless panties.

As my mom imparted on me, luxurious lingerie celebrates our womanhood. Currently being a lingerista does just that. Embrace the lingerista in you and always “Rejoice Your Inner Eve!”