4 Qualities of a Modern Sex Goddess – Warning! It’s Not All About Sex

Sex Goddesses have power, sensuality and creativity. They have existed for thousands of years, and their stories stay with us. They exist today, in the powerful and sensual women all around you, and they can influence each of us with their stories, experiences and qualities, both those we wish to imitate and those we wish to avoid.

In today’s culture a sex goddess is seen as a woman who lusts after the act of sex itself, who will engage in any kind of sexual activity and with any partner. This is far from the truth of a true Goddess.
All women can be a Sex Goddesses if they want to be. It takes courage and strength to unveil your true essence as a woman to yourself and to the world.

Here are 4 qualities of a modern Sex Goddess

o Knows Who She Is
She’s open to cultivating a deep sense of self and her own connectedness with who she is. A Sex Goddess is any woman who pursues knowledge and sensuality, balancing all the different elements of the inner self, including the male and female energies.

o Honors Her Body and Likes What She Sees
We are all not born with physical “beauty”. Yet we are all beautiful. The sex goddess plays up the physical parts she loves about herself and appreciates the rest. When she know her body it’s easier to love and respect her body, and to understand, intimately, its ability to give and receive pleasure. She feels sexy more often than not. She understands the body is more than the sum of its parts. It is one part of who she is, but it is not the whole her.

o Communicates Her Needs and Desires
She knows what she wants and finds ease in asking for what she wants both in and out of the bedroom. She is also able to listen to her partners needs as well.

o She’s Sexually Open and Knowledgeable
She understands how her body is pleasured as well as her partners. She understands the importance of prolonged foreplay. She doesn’t fake her orgasms. She’s open to exploring and experimenting within reason. She’s playful and will initiate sex. She practices sacred sex which takes the raw materials of regular sex and turns it into something divine.

Recognizing who you are and what you can do in this world and then going out and maximizing your potential as a sex goddess will help you to lead the most fulfilling life possible, and that is the best gift you can give the world.