Are Your Koi Worthless Or Priceless? How To Find Out The Real Value Of Your Koi

What Determines the Cost of Koi?

Koi fish are one of the most graceful and intelligent fish in the world today. Being Japan’s national fish, koi can be found in numerous varieties, each one competing with the other in beauty and grace.

Keeping them as pets can be a very relaxing pastime as you watch them swim and swirl around in a pond, spreading their colorful existence all over.

Although koi fish are really popular among people as pets, very few realize that there is more to a koi fish than its beauty. It is the sheer agility and following entertainment that ensues as soon as koi fish enters a pond that makes it special.

Watching koi fish swim around in colorful abode is taken as a great way of reducing stress. Koi fish also love being fed by hand and sometimes also eat insects and algae from the pond. They are very responsive to owners and other external stimuli, being one of the most intelligent pet fish in the world.

Koi are omnivorous and can eat everything from algae and pond plants to small insects and plankton.

Also, known as “living jewels” or “swimming flowers”, koi have a longer life expectancy than most other pet fish, making them a favorite as a pet. Because of their long life, owners usually form very emotional relationships with their koi fish.

Since the turn of the 17th century, selective breeding has produced a lot of varieties of koi that can be seen today. They are usually classified depending on their quality, which also helps in determining their value.

Pond raised koi – The most common type of koi. Easiest to find and cheapest to buy.

Ornamental quality koi – The second most common koi and easily available too. Just a little pricier than Pond raised koi.

Show quality koi – This type of koi is bred specially for koi competitions. They can reach very high prices and are the best quality.

Pond-quality koi is found in most peoples’ ponds and are easily available at regular pet stores. They usually come in a single color or pattern and so are the cheapest koi you can purchase. Ornamental quality koi can come in beautiful patterns and vivid colors since they are bred from high-quality koi.

Show quality koi however are unmatched in quality. They usually have perfect bodies, skins without any blemishes or wanted spots and incredible symmetry in the patterns on them, making them the most expensive koi.

Prices of koi are determined according to the contrasting colors on their skin, color intensity and size. Some koi can grow up to 3 feet and fetch a huge price! Koi are continually growing and grow at a rate of around 1 inch per month.

The most expensive koi however are not very large; they are 1.5 feet in length and are ideally torpedo shaped. The more intense and balanced the colors on the koi, the more the price!

Koi can make amazing family pets based on their unique colorful qualities and intelligence. They are so popular with hobbyists that some use them to breed even more new and beautiful varieties and enter them into contests.

Some people have gone from rags to riches by simply breeding and retailing the beautiful koi!