Dynamic Silence

The most dynamic changes happen inside in an instant, usually silently. With that said, I begin this article. Sure, change is a major decision in life and existence or an evolutionary thing that involves growth always.

In the less conscious animal kingdom change involves obviously loud things like colorful plumes for peacocks, manes for lions, and caterpillars turning into colorful butterflies. But, the more genuinely advanced you get, the more subtle the change, until the change simply becomes a thought or intention actualized.

If you really read the above, you are getting what I mean by “dynamic silence”. Thinking about the past five years, everything has been saying ‘evolve to the highest, really shift or genuinely die.’ Indeed, in my reality, this sort of dynamic silent change is one of the highest forms of survival. Loud fear is simply the ultimate succumbing mechanism, really.

When we saw the violence in the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, we saw an old paradigm succumbing and a better way of relating to reality silently emerging for those who are evolved enough to see and understand it. Also, survival comes through genuine understanding and genuinely active application of that understanding with the courage to “work it out whatever the cost” instead of fearfully “give in” to the apparent loud fear ‘screaming give up the ghost’. Indeed, the higher the consciousness the more refined, effective, powerful, subtle and strong the choices of where reality goes itself. All any low consciousness can do is have a tantrum or a fit of rage that does not work anyway, and does not control anything or at best make a show. That is it.

Anchoring Ourselves to Power

The only way to anchor yourself to genuine power is to raise your consciousness. That is where it is at when you do evolve, your consciousness and nowhere else. Everything else is a lowly evolved show like a peacock strutting its feathers or a lion shaking an amazing mane and roaring while letting the more evolved lioness do the actual hunting, gathering and maiming of natural enemies. Understanding reality is the beginning, doing what needs to be done is the sign of evolution, getting what is productively wanted is evolution or anchoring ourselves to power.

So, the end-all, be-all of life is the top, right? Once you get to the “top” in one area, you realize that growth never ends as subtly as vibration gets higher and higher forever and there are all levels of vibration, low and high. If there is anything I get at any level, it is anchor yourself to power or lose. I am not going to say that mere “winning” is everything. But, is not genuine success what it comes down to when going to the next level anyway?

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