Get More Selection With Futons Online

Futons offer flexibility. They are great for converting a home office when the in-laws make a surprised visit, or providing extra space in a cramped dorm room. Outdoor futons even make a place to relax while sitting by the swimming pool or the outdoor fireplace. Not every location has a wide selection of futons. Futons online offer people the ability to find the futon they are searching for when they can’t find it where they live.

Less Inventory

Many different types of internet sites sell futons. Some are furniture stores that combine brick and mortar locations with e-commerce sites. This allows the company to offer customers a wide variety without having to carry a large amount of inventory at each location. As businesses try to cut costs, they try to reduce the amount of inventory they carry, as unsold inventory is a drain on their resources.

A customer may come into a store with a specific request. The request may be for a particular style, or it may be a specific color. A woman may want to purchase a futon that will match the furniture that is already in the room. On the other hand, she may need a click-clack bed to place in the recreation room in the basement and the store only carries futons. Futons online allow the store to provide a valuable service without the necessity of carrying rare items at each physical location.

Limited Choices

Some people may live in a small town or a rural area where store choices are limited. If they are looking for a specific item, they may need to take their search online in order to locate the futon they want. This also solves the problem of delivery. Some stores have a limited delivery service area, especially if the customer lives in a remote location. Online stores deliver via major carriers, such as UPS, and are willing to deliver to most areas.

Drop Ship Options

Futons online offer a possible solution for a parent who wants to purchase a dorm futon for their child who goes to college out of state. Purchasing a futon at home and driving it to the dorm may not be a viable option. Finding the futon, their son or daughter wants at the stores around the college may not be possible either. Most online stores will deliver the item purchased to an address that is different from the billing address. This lets parents buy what their children need and have it delivered right to the door.


There are people who are bargain hunters. While they may have shopped at all of their local stores, he or she is convinced that a better deal lies over the next hill. Online futons provide the thrifty shopping with the option of comparing online and offline prices. Some stores will cut their price if they are told that a better deal exists online.

There are some problems with buying a futon or any item online. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it isn’t as good as seeing an item in person. Physically inspecting an item can provide the opportunity to determine the quality of the product, and if it will be suitable for its intended purpose. A futon that is to be used in a child’s bedroom may need to be able to withstand more wear and tear than a futon in a home office. Not all futons are made to withstand that kind of use.

A futon can be heavy, which often increases the price of shipping. Most online companies charge for shipping based on the size and weight of the item. The cost of shipping the piece of furniture may offset any savings the buyer received by purchasing the product online.

There are times, however, when buying futons online is a person’s only option. If this is the case, comparison-shopping will help save money, and help the customer find the best futon for their situation.