Get Paid to Shop Online and Earn Money Joining Free Websites and Earn Cash Back As You Spend Money

I’m always surprised when I see figures regarding the amount of shopping done online using Internet store websites, watching these figures rising more and more every year. I’m even more surprised though when I see the figures regarding people that are members of online cashback websites. I always wonder why so many people shop online yet only a small percentage of these people actually use cashback sites.

I came to the conclusion that, like me, they probably have either never heard of a cashback website, or perhaps don’t believe that they work properly, or doubt the security of these sites. I admit that I was sceptical when my friend told me that there’s a website which is completely free to use, and will pay you cash back for any kind of transactions made online. I was dubious at first, but I was definitely interested; I was spending a lot of money online, so why not earn cash back as I continued to make these purchases?

A few years on and a few hundred (probably thousands because of the money earning schemes learnt from reading the forums) pounds richer, I am very grateful for these cashback websites. Every time I spend money online at certain retailers (Amazon, Dell, Tesco, etc) I am earning money back. The cashback website is able to track my transactions made from the site, and it stores these transactions on my account earnings page.

To be able to understand the business model behind a cashback website, you must be aware of the idea of affiliates, and commission. Any website owner can join an affiliate scheme and place banners or adverts for certain online retailers on their own personal website. They will then earn commission on sales made by people who click these links and who then go on to make an online purchase. This is exactly how a cashback website works; they have thousands of links to online retailers, and every time someone clicks one of these links and makes a purchase the cashback site will earn a commission. However, instead of keeping this money to themselves, they will pass on a certain amount of it back to you (as cash back).

Even if you don’t spend money online, you should still join a cashback website – usually the forums contain lots of interesting ways to earn money online, and also there is a section on the website which deals with earning cashback without spending any money. Here you can get paid to join free websites and free trials; currently at some of the leading cashback websites you can earn around £30 just for applying for free membership to certain listed websites.

The best cashback websites are free to join and use, you should never be paying to be a member or for joining a cashback site. Anyone can use a cashback site, and it is a great way to save (or earn) money from doing your usual online shopping. Money earned at these sites can be paid to you in gift vouchers or directly in to your account, sometimes you can be paid by cheque too. All of these methods work fine and I have always been paid as expected from the cashback sites.

I can’t tell you how much I recommend joining a free cashback website – you have nothing to lose, and only money to gain. It is an ideal way to earn money online with minimal input.

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