How to Create an Information Product Out of Thin Air

There are lots of people with expertise around. You just need to know where to find them.

Amazon is a great place to start. So too is eBay.

These experts know their stuff. They’re experienced. They’ve got stories. They’ve got notches under their belt.

But in today’s electronic world, they’re often forgotten people.

You see, these experts are old “old school” when it comes to marketing. They may have written a book.

They may place an ad in the newspaper or the Yellow Pages. They may be promoting themselves the same way they were 20 or 30 years ago. Which translates to “diddly squat” on the internet.

That’s where you can come in.

You can make them an offer.

Since I began my business and marketing audio interview business in 2001, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve found business experts of all types – marketers, negotiators, copy-writers – and I’ve made them an offer to interview them, with the aim of helping to promote their expertise to the on-line community.

So far it’s been a great success for me. And for them too.

Occasionally, I find people who have so much expertise that a one-off interview is not enough.

It’s often with people like this that I’ve often done joint ventures with – a deal where I offer to help them to turn their existing knowledge into a comprehensive study program on the subject.

I did an interview like this with a guy who had tons of experience of selling products into Wal-Mart. His knowledge of how to deal with that giant of a company was vast – so we decided to create a product on how to do it.

I agreed to be the interviewer in a series of interviews aimed at capturing his knowledge. I would do all the production of the audio interviews (including editing). I would also organize audio transcripts, CD artwork and a sales letter for the product.

He agreed to participate as the expert and to be interviewed.

As far as distribution went, we decided that we would both have rights to market and sell the product. This meant we would both be rewarded based on our ability to market.

By the end of our time together, we had created a great product – a must-have for anyone looking to do deals with Walmart.

More importantly, it was a win-win outcome for both of us. I got the expertise I needed. He got the interviews he needed. We both got a product we could sell – for big bucks – to our mailing lists.