Laptops For Students – The New Trend – Netbooks and Mini Notebooks

Netbooks, also called mini notebooks or ultra portables, became very popular with people who are constantly moving. They are suitable for general computing and accessing the web. They are very popular with students.

You see them on tables in coffee shops, under the arms of college students and on the laps of travelers waiting for a flight. Called “netbooks or “mini-notebooks,” these small, lightweight and relatively inexpensive computers are one of the hottest tech toys of the year. All netbooks on the market today support Wi-Fi wireless networking and many can be used on mobile telephone networks with data capability (for example, 3G).

They are:

– affordable

– practical

– small

– cute

– sophisticated

– popular

Netbooks are designed for people who need constant access to a computer but don’t require a full notebook for content creation. This unique category of ultra portable notebooks burst onto the scene late last year with the arrival of the Asus Eee PC. Since then, we’ve seen almost every major notebook manufacturer (and even a few newcomers) release low-priced netbooks.

It’s easy enough to distinguish netbooks from other laptops. They generally weigh around 2 pounds and have 8-to-10 inch wide screens. Not a single one has a full-sized keyboard, so expect a more cramped typing experience. In general, you will find an abundance of USB ports, web cams, card readers, and built-in Wi-Fi.

So, if you are always busy, need a computer, need to stay in touch with the world, this is for you.

For students the affordability plays a big role. But, I have to mention, this new netbooks cost much less than full laptops. Prices start at $300. And you can find netbooks with battery life up to 10 hours. Not bad at all. As I mentioned, price is important, battery life is important, but warranty is very important too. The best deals are usually on-line. You can save a lot. In stores, usually the price includes the restocking fee, so, even if you return the piece, you still will pay for restocking the item. I usually buy on line. I save money, I can return the item, and shipping is usually free.

Finding good deals on-line is easy. The free shipping is usually offered with products, which qualify for it, and this means, if you buy something over 100.