Moving to a New School – Tips For Teens

Wise parents know that changing homes and moving to a new locality can be as stressful for their children, especially teens, as the move may be for them.

Therefore, child psychologists advise parents to allow kids a semblance of their ‘now’ with them during and after the move. This simply means parents should encourage their kids to exchange addresses and telephone numbers with friends and to stay in touch with them, so they still feel connected.

1 Kids, take the time to find out about any availability of your favorite activity in the new school or neighborhood such as basket-ball, swimming, music club, dramatics society or hobby class you can attend so you learn being a part of the new community quickly, enjoyably.

2 Speak out to your parents about your feeling about the move and any ideas you have about goals for the school year or extra-curricular activities you’d like to take up at the new place. Parents are smart and loving, but not exactly mind-readers – so please let them in on your feelings.

3 Rid yourself of the early morning panic attack by organizing your school bag, clothes and other supplies you can need the night before. You can perhaps even ask your parents for your favorite lunch-box snack to be packed in for a sense of comfort food at tiffin time – yes, it’s known to help!

4 Request parents/an older sibling or someone close to you for a bit of moral support on your first day of school, for it’s easier to head into the building with at least one familiar face to wave back at.

5 In school, don’t let the stares bother you – all the new faces will be as curious to know about you as you are about them. So, work up some courage, wear a smile and introduce yourself to a friendly face – you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to talk to strangers once you’ve shown some interest in Them! Yes, begin with asking about school rules, best activities, what their interests are and of course the teachers!