Ochiba Koi – A Popular and Colorful Species

Ochiba koi are among the most colorful species of Koi with its distinct blue grey color, brown markings, and net like pattern. These ornamental fish are undoubtedly one of the most colorful species that have been specially bred for their distinctive color patterns. Kois are from the carp family, which are actually brown in color. However, koi there are over 20 varieties of koi including the Ochiba koi, which has a distinct set of metallic scales and glistening fins.

All the varieties of koi are distinguished by their patterns, colors, and scales. Red, yellow, blue, cream, black, and white, are the main colors of Koi. These colors are often found in combination, with breeders looking to develop the most colorful and attractive fish including the Ochiba. The experimentation with types of koi is limitless, especially when it comes to breeding koi on a competitive level.

The word Ochiba Shigure literally means fallen leaves in Japanese. Ochiba koi belong to the Kawarimono group, a broad classification for a wide variety of koi that do not fit in any other classes. Ochiba koi are a crossbreed of Soragoi, a blue grey koi, with a Chagoi, a uniform brown koi. Both may be plain looking, but the Ochiba koi has striking color patterns that have made it popular amongst breeders.

The female Ochiba has a big belly and small pectoral fins. They have the tendency to swim sideways. Like other koi, they don’t mind the presence of humans and are only too happy to feed from its owner’s hand. Adult females are distinguishable by the sudden narrowing before the tail while males have streamlined bodies that are torpedo shaped. This characteristic can be determined when viewed from any angle. The Doitsu variety of Ochiba koi is called an antique due to the colors.

While koi started out as a simple mono-colored, breeders have done well to develop some of the most brightly colored species with ornate designs. Today, families around the world enjoy maintaining their own koi ponds or visiting other koi fish gardens. This robust species are known to live for more than twenty years at the minimum. By paying special attention to Ochiba koi, you can increase their longevity.

Like other koi, Ochiba koi thrive in cooler waters with a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During colder weather, they hibernate while the metabolism slows down, eliminating the need to be fed when temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You must pay attention to the needs of Ochiba koi in order to maintain a thriving and healthy shoal. It is essential to build a koi pond of a proper size and depth of no less than 3 feet to hold at least 1000 gallons of water. Many koi hobbyists build smaller ponds and then regret their decision when they find the space not enough to add to their koi collection.

It is advisable to keep koi in a pond exclusively for them. Even though they are quite social, you must be careful about the type of other fish if you wish to keep them together. With a little bit of effort and proper care, you can enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures for years together. Ochiba koi are expensive as compared to other freshwater fish, therefore you need to ensure that your investment is worthwhile by taking good care of them.