The Art of Modern Wizardry and the Philosophy of the Wryd

Modern Day Wizardry is the re-vitalisation of an age old philosophy that places the laws of nature firmly back into use, the laws of the Universe utilised and manifested by wise men down through the ages.

The word ‘wizard’ derives from the Middle English word (dating from 1100-1500) wys, meaning ‘wise’, combined with -ard, a suffix meaning ‘one who does’. The word wys derives in turn from the Proto-Indo-European base (around 5,500 years old), woid-/weid-/wid-, which means “to see,” hence “to know”. This is the original meaning of the word ‘wizard’, and the one that we use – not the more recent meaning associated with magic.

The reason we are Modern Day Wizardry is due to an updating of the ancient practice of wizardry, of wisdom. Our roots reach right back into Lemurian times.

The word ‘wyrd’ is an Old English word meaning ‘fate, destiny’. It derives from the Proto-Indo-European base wert- which means, ‘to turn, wind’. Within Modern Wizardry, we use the word ‘Wyrd’ to refer to how Source tries to direct us along the best path we can possibly follow – like a wind blowing you in the right direction – but ultimately it is our choice, and our responsibility, to choose whether to accept this guidance or not.

We believe it is wise to follow the Wyrd, wherever it takes us, however challenging and strange the situations may be, simply because Source knows best and can be absolutely trusted.

Modern Day Wizardry under the organisation of the Wayfinders Organisation provide workshops and instruction from the official website where Wizards of all skill levels can be found.

Wizards embrace knowledge, as from knowledge does wisdom grow, much the same way that Trees grow from seeds. Modern Day Wizardry have a motto that epitomises the way of thinking and the path of life.

‘In humility we better ourselves to help humanity and the earth’

Wizards can be found in all walks of life, anyone can be a Wizard, Modern Day Wizards encourage intuition into their life, they encourage unconditional Love, if these attributes are part of your life path then already you have the wryd in your life and are well on the way to becoming a master Wizard.

If you feel the way of the wryd, then out of the pursuit of knowledge or even curiosity alone you will visit The Art of Modern Wizards official website to gather the knowledge and look for the path which your itch keeps you seeking.

Wizards can connect with the One source as well as the Goddess of the Earth by the act of Treeing, this is accomplished by using your inner centre of energy that resides within and is considered to exist in your lower abdomen area just below your navel. In eastern traditions this is the area that is called the Dan Tien, in the western world this is the area that dowser’s know is the centre that controls the dowser’s ability to detect the Universe, modern scientists have also identified this area as having the largest mass of neurons outside the human brain.

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