The Best Way to Market Yourself As an Expert

You are an expert at something. And you are also and expert at more than one thing. So why should you only pick one expertise when you can market and sell two product that are are an expert on?

There is no reason to stuck in just one area of expertise when you can go into multiple. There’s no reason why you couldn’t be the expert in two different things. It’s a huge world, and the internet world is humongous. Unless it’s some totally conflicting expertise that would be a conflict with the other, I would say yes, absolutely.

Why can’t someone be an expert at a couple different things?

But if you are looking for product creation, another even better solution would be to not be that expert. You could go interview other experts and have an entire line of products, like I do. You can position yourself as the expert, without having the expertise yourself.

For example, I have a re-enactment of a speech with a guy named Eugene Schwartz, it’s a copywriting product and he’s the expert; I sell a product for that. I have joint venture interviews with other join venture experts. I have a product called Joint Venture Magic that I sell.

I’ve got a product that I sell with an expert on how to get your product into Wal-Mart. Art Hamel is my business buying expert. Richard is my marketing consulting expert and so on and so on.

There’s no limit to the number of products I can sell and there’s nothing conflicting because I’m just the guy asking the questions, they’re the experts. So I’d tell anyone to consider interviewing experts rather than being the expert.