The Three Types of Modern Clocks

Many of you must have been wondering what the types of modern clocks which you can choose nowadays are. There are actually three types; the Analog, the digital and the auditory. Check out the information of these clocks below;

The Analog Modern Clock

These are the types of clocks which indicate time using angles. For example, a 90 degrees angle facing right is 3 o’clock; most of the people are used to seeing time that way. In fact, analog clocks are the most common type of clock in the world. You may be able to see a lot of these in the market with different designs and technology.

Additionally, analog clocks are usually rounded clocks which display 12-hour interface with three hands that constantly moving. These hands are the hour, minute and second hands which are necessary to be able to know what time it is. There are also analog clocks which have 24-hour interface. But mostly, only the military use those kinds of analog modern clocks.

One of the disadvantages of analog clocks is that they are not accurate sometimes especially those which are not built by the company who have been in the clock industry for long; oftentimes, there would be miscounted seconds. And if this happens, the second hand will automatically go back and would readjust to regain synchronization thus; there will be variance in time accuracy.

The Digital Modern Clock

This is also the type of clocks which is starting to get its place in the market. The production of these kinds of clocks is also starting to increase because of the convenience that they offer to the newer generations. Digital clocks are those which usually display the time on their little screen or monitor. Unlike the analog, the digital clocks make use of numbers to say what time it is. Thus, even the grade school children will be able to know and tell the time.

More often, digital clocks are battery-operated because there are chips and mini-processors inside which enable it to function correctly and accurately. Alarms are usually built in and lights are sometimes included just in case someone would like to know the time in a dark night. When it comes to modernization, digital clocks are far too way advanced than analogs.

The Auditory Clocks

You must have been wondering why there are auditory clocks. What has hearing something to do with time? Well, these type of clocks are classified under auditory clocks because they are specially-built for people with sight or hearing impairment. For blind people, instead of sight they will be able to tell the time through auditory clock because of the sound. Most clocks for the blind speak.

For those who are impaired with hearing and sight, there are auditory clocks which send auditory signals telling the person what time it already is. However, most of these people need some seminars how to make use and understand the clock. The good thing is, even through these devices, the companies which manufactured them still care for the people who are physically impaired.

Among the three types of modern clocks, which do you are the types which best suit your needs? It is up to you to choose.

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